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Surfing the web... not something any of us normies have done in a long time in our spare time. It used to be like that. Not so much anymore. We've all been corraled to somewhere between 5-10 websites so our attention can get farmed for cash from advertisers. Your regular reminder that this internet world sucks, and there is a better way.

I've spent the last week falling down a rabbit hole, which has been, honestly, an amazing feeling. I'm just gonna link a bunch of the stuff I've found, because it's cool and I don't want to forget what I've found. But there's a ton to discover and a ton to learn from that isn't just algorithms force feeding me whatever it thinks I want to see or read or hear.

What I'm gathering:

Links to Cool stuff

Blogs I Want to Explore (in no particular order)

Things I Want to Learn More About

One-Off Articles, Videos, or Lists For More Reading


(It's possible if you're reading this post in November 2022 that the layout's all funky. I'm playing with the CSS, half of which I stole from Simple.CSS.)

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