Maybe Not *No* Social Media

It's funny to me to see so many people flocking to Mastodon after having been on Twitter. I myself looked at Mastodon a long time ago but couldn't quite make it make sense for myself. And too many interesting things were happening on Twitter (which I have a love/hate relationship with anyway).

Indie web stuff has been on my mind a ton lately, so seeing that people are heading into that wild arena in the form of blogging, federated social media, etc., is really fun. I'll be interested to see if Mastodon can keep pace with the growth, since it's really anti-scale. That is, in its current iteration, it's built in response to Twitter being a product meant to increase one's audience and reach. It's web-local, it's difficult to find people.

It, like the indie web stuff in general, is built for surprising finds. It's a good thing, but I wonder whether the algorithms of the last decade have formed us into creatures that cannot live in a web where we have to work for it.

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