Mastodon No More

I decided yesterday that Mastodon wasn't a good fit for me and deleted my account at IndieWeb.Social. The premise, I think, was promising. Federated groupings, servers run by real people and not a single corporation, better rules of engagement, etc. But it didn't take long before I was seeing the same sorts of undesirable behavior on my instance that I was seeing on Twitter that made me get off in the first place.

Perhaps it will be a balm for those whose online lives revolve around Twitter. It's just not what I want the internet to be. More and more, I want the internet to be a little more homebrewed, a little less corporate. At least, that's the internet I want to interact with.

I'm still interested in giving a go, but there are some technical challenges with building a feed on this website since it's static, and then hooking it up with ActivityPub. I need to do some more reading and digging at the forums to see what that will entail. And then the question really is, why do I want the micro-format in the first place? Onen of the other things that bugged me about Twitter a long time ago was that I felt myself "thinking in Tweets" rather than thinking in broader strokes and trying to piece things together. The micro format itself encourages short-form thinking, which is not what I want to find myself doing regularly.

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