God is (in) the Details

I don't have much to say, except that I listened to two podcasts this week:

  1. Wong Notes - "Chris Thile's Exercise in Joy"
  2. Sing for Science - "Rivers Cuomo and Guido van Rossum"

In both episodes, the interviewees said the phrase "God is in the details" -- in the former, Thile then corrects himself, and says "God is the details."

I find myself thinking and not thinking about God and religion much these days. "God" permeates my work and the culture that surrounds me, and yet, since leaving LIDE, I find myself wanting very little to do with formal and institutional versions of spirituality. (I recognize this is awfully millennial of me)

On the other hand, I cannot deny the draw of spirituality on some deep level within me. There has always, always been a sense of beauty, of love, of transcendence in life. The very existence of these feelings seem to me to be pointers to a deeper reality that I cannot quite grasp. A reality that fades from my vision when I try to look to closely, like a dream that I try to remember just after waking.

Mostly, it's in the details that I have these feelings. The feel of Elaine's hand on my back, the feel of my daughters' hair when I kiss them goodnight on the top of the head, the cold wind in the morning when I'm out walking, the gratitude I feel when surrounded by close friends and family.

Perhaps God is in the details after all, and that is all that we can say about it.

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