Best of 2022

I usually try to wait until very close to the end of the year before I make a "best of" post. I do this because it's quite often that I come across something really good in December (this is my only real issue with Spotify's Wrapped, which I love: it happens at the beginning of December, so it misses a whole month of listening). Anyway, here are my favorite things I watched/listened to/read/did this year. None of the lists are in any particular order






Everything Else

Personally, there were also some really difficult points in the year. I'm still struggling internally with some family issues. To be honest, I think this will require therapy, and that's been a really hard step for me to take.

On top of that, whatever was left of my faith after leaving Life in Deep Ellum in 2021 feels (at worst) completely gone or (at best) entirely dormant. I have a hard time even remembering what it was like to be a person of faith. Prayer feels largely unnatural. I do not have any kind of feel or sense of "God's presence" as I (think) I used to feel it. Largely, my experience of the world feels unaffected by whether I believe that God exists or not, or whether I am a follower of Jesus or not. I don't want to get too deep into this, as I think it warrants another blog post or set of blog posts. It is sufficient to simply say that my faith is not what it once was, and that's not something I feel I can force. I also don't know if I even want to find a way back to that. Maybe someday. Not right now.

A final note: last week, I accepted a job offer at Green Line Digital as a data analyst to go work on a friend's team there. My final day at SAGU will be January 6th. And while one should never say never, I don't anticipate I'll be coming back this time. Fully remote work, a healthy pay bump, better benefits... it's gonna be a good thing for us overall even if the transition takes some getting used to.

Overall, I'm thankful for the year, hard parts included.

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